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Calendar app of quickly entry with swipe

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Event and Reminder

Coyome Views

6 type views

Coyome Lists

2 type lists

by Swipe

  • You can specify the time in the swipe.
  • In other fields, it is possible to select from the choices in accordance with the item by swiping.
Coyome Swipe

Rich input method

  • Various input methods suitable for the input items are available.
  • For example, if the date, you can select a date from the calendar display.
  • Input method can be switched in the swipe of the left and right.
Coyome Input

The visualization settings

  • You can set it while looking at the actual display.
Coyome Settings

Customizable gesture

  • Such as tap and double-tap, you can assign the operation to every gesture.
Coyome Gesture

Calendar Preset

  • The calendar preset, it will be able to register such as the default calendar, time zone and bar color.
  • When you choose a preset calendar, you can switch all in accordance with the contents of the calendar preset.
Coyome Calendar Preset

Universal app

  • This app can be used in both iPhone and iPad.
Coyome Universal